Dear DIYer. I see you.

You’re a rockstar. You really are.

You’ve done the bulk of the work. It’s not your superpower but you still did it.

BUT…you’re just not sure you did it right.

You’re not sure everything is flowing well. You want an expert to look at it and give you pointers that will give you the confidence to move forward.

You want an expert to look at it and give you pointers that will give you the confidence to move forward.

More importantly, you’re ready for those leads to stop slipping through your finders.

I got you.

A 10-minute video analysis of your Landing Page covering first impressions, design, performance & more.

Want to dramatically improve your website and start attracting your best clients? You need this. Like yesterday.

First impression

This covers the overall concept and the feel of your site. Do your visitors feel at home when they land? Find out.


Navigation, content organization, consistency, and language tone are some of the elements I look at.


I’ll look at your logo, overall branding, font, and layout. I’ll make suggestions based on my findings.


You’ll find out how your website’s speed compares to other websites in your niche.


Grammar is important. I’ll proofread your page and note the errors. I’ll suggest better words to use, if applicable.

OPT-IN form review

Or suggestion. I look at how to make your offer more appealing and get your visitors to subscribe.
Elinam’s review covered everything from design to content and even the language style I use. She noted that the main weakness of my business is currently my social-media strategy and encouraged me to jump right into it with some advice on how to begin.
I was extremely pleased with Elinam ‘s help and would definitely contact her again
Emma Watson

Owner, The Food Brood

Get my expert eyes on your website.

Following my critique, you will:

 - Know EXACTLY what is working and what is not 

 - Have actionable steps to instantly improve user experience and conversion rates 

 - Be empowered to make changes yourself (or outsource - your choice)

  - Have a plan for both short and long terms objectives

  - Have access to a video you can refer to forever. And ever.




I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Brilliantly Virtual. Elinam was able to provide strategies and tips to help improve the look and content of my website.   Her communication throughout the whole process was outstanding.  The response time was fast, even included changes that would drive more visitors to my website.  If you’re looking for a company that believes in helping you produce a quality website, you’d be wise to contact Brilliantly Virtual. Elinam is able to hone in on what’s important when quality is your top priority for your website.

Stephanie Lee

Owner, Your Virtual Career

All this for only $99. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is payment handled?

Securely with PayPal.


What happends after I pay?

You will receive your receipt and an email confirming that your project is ready to start.

Do you critique other pages?

I only give critiques on your homepage or one-page website. Following that critique, my clients find that updating other pages is a breeze.

How long does that take?

Your review will be completed within 3 business days of your payment.

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