Oh hi! I’m Lina.


You’ve been dreaming of a brand that’s totally YOU – one that brilliantly displays who you are and what you can do.

You’ve tried to ignore it, maybe even do it on your own. But it just doesn’t feel right.

You have what is known as ‘website shame’ >> (insert sad face).

You want to have a stellar online presence (to match what’s been blooming in your heart) but you don’t know how.

You are looking for a disigner who will be invested in your story, and not just in your pocketbook. 

You are ready to trade overwhelm with collaboration.


    You have a personality-packed website that is bringing you RESULTS.

    You can’t wait to send people to visit your website. 

    You have more leads, more exposure, more time, and… your sanity back!

    You have time to focus on your gifts, talents, and actually grow your business.

    You have a partner who has your back, and deeply cares about your business (me!)

    You are making a greater impact in the world, leaving it a better place.

    And then there’s me.

    I’m Elinam Adjogble and my friends call me Lina (yes – you can call me Lina, too). So glad you’re here.

    Prior to starting Brilliantly Virtual, I spent many years in the software industry, where I mastered a wide range of skills – from project management to software testing. I LOVE using all I’ve learned along the way to partner with my clients and make something beautiful and powerful.

    My friends tell me I go a bit overboard with the thoroughness and detail-orientedness (yep, that’s a word). I can’t help it… I’m a nerdy-perfectionist.

    A few of my favorite things in life are music, cakes, and quotes.

    I’m a Christ-follower, a wife and a mother to two gorgeous little boys.

    “I was extremely pleased with Elinam’s help and would definitely contact her again.”
    Emma Dawson

    Owner, The Food Brood

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